Remember to take care and pay special attention to your animals this weekend!  The parades, picnics and fireworks can impact their nervous system and create a lot of stress!!  Whichever species you have, please be thoughtful about their well-being and experience during this celebratory day.  Here are some helpful tips:


1. Communicate with them and let them know what is happening.  Whether or not you plan on having them with you all day & night or if you plan on leaving them at home alone, tell them.  Prepare them for what they may expect.

2.  Start now and give them some flower essences.  I go directly to Bach Rescue Remedy.  Any health food store can make a suggestion for a brand.  Just a couple of drops a day will help keep their nervous system relaxed.  Put a couple of drops into their water or food bowl so they can ingest it.  Another option is to place a couple of drops into your hand, rub and place your hands on their heart and offer a gentle massage.  Whichever you choose to do, focus your intention for a calming effect, it works wonders.

3.  Create a shelter for them to hide while the loud noises and fireworks are happening.

4.  If you plan on staying home and you know they get anxiety, try a “Thundershirt” or a similar brand, it can help.  Use this only if you’re home with your animal.






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Taught by

Renee Gallegos and Marlane Spillinger

Animal Communicators

This class will teach you how to communicate with animals using silent words and mind pictures. Animals are intuitive beings who respond to human emotions, thoughts and feelings. This class will reinforce your natural ability to communicate non-verbally. Through verifiable exercises you will receive undeniable proof that animal communication is real. This exploration asks us to be present and responsible for our own thoughts, feelings, treatment of ourselves and treatment of animals.


Two Sessions

Saturday, July 9th & 16th

10AM – 1PM

Santa Rosa Junior College Emeritus Hall, Room 1520 1501 Mendocino Avenue Santa Rosa, CA

For More Information & Registration:


Community Education (707) 527-4372  /  communityed@santarosa.edu

Humpback-Whale-3Setting my intention to call forth the spirit of the whales. Standing tall with an open heart, breathe in, exhale, wait patiently. I was distracted by a young man who came to join my perspective atop Point Cavallo. He’s visiting from Norway, “A very long journey to Sausalito” he said. As we were chatting I saw from behind him the first whale’s breath and then another. There were two Humpback’s making their presence known. We went silent and watched with an overwhelming feeling of reverence. More spouts, a thrust upward out of the water and a dive back into the water with that familiar whale fin finale. Chills running through my body knowing this is more than a gift, it’s a blessing. My Norwegian friend Henrick turned to me and said, “It’s moments like this that are treasured and will always be remembered.” Amen to that my friend.

It’s Official! Santa Rosa Junior College / Community Education / “Intuitively Communicating with Animals” Instructors – Renee Gallegos and Marlane Spillinger, Animal Communicators. 2 sessions, Sat. 7/9 & 7/16, 10AM – 1PM

puppyandcatThis experiential class will enhance your natural ability to telepathically connect and communicate with your animals. Because you’re an animal lover, you’re most likely doing it already and just don’t realize it. Since animals are intuitive beings who respond to human emotions, thoughts and feelings, in this workshop we’ll teach how to reinforce that ability to communicate with them non-verbally. Telepathic or intuitive communication is what happens behind verbal language: a thought happens first, then we find words to express the thought. If the words remain silent, they can be projected effectively to the mind of your animal. When we project a mental image along with a thought, it’s even easier for animals to understand. Animals have feelings and think thoughts. They know what we’re thinking sometimes before we do. This exploration asks us to be present and responsible for our own thoughts, feelings, treatment of ourselves and treatment of animals.

Here’s the link to register:  SRJC REGISTRATION

Animal Communication Practice via Email
“Animal Practice Package”

One package includes two animals to connect and communicate with at your own pace. After completion of both readings, receive validations and learn how to track your accuracy. If you need more guidance, we can converse via email or schedule a 15 minute phone session to cover your topic. (Prerequisite: Beginning or Tutoring)



“Animal Practice Package”


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The Sunrise Center in Corte Madera, California has invited me to re-join the teacher community with classes.  We are scheduled for Beginning/Intermediate Animal Communication on November 7th, followed with Advanced Animal Communication on November 21st.
Obi and Ziggy
Please generously spread the word!  Here is the link to Sunrise Center for more information and to register.

Talking with NatureHappyTrees

Ever wonder what creates the peace within us when we are surrounded by nature? In this course you will intuitively learn how to receive the teachings and blessings from the earth, trees, plants and animals we live among. How to bring health and balance within yourself, with your own animals and into your own garden. Through a Shamanic journey you will meet your nature ally and learn how to intentionally connect with spirits of the earth.

2 Sessions – $99


3/10 & 3/17 – 4 PM – 5 PM PST




3/27 – 4 PM – 5 PM –  PST